"Ron can hit from all sides"

Tony Trischka

"Ron plays tonefully, with an elegant touch... We share a similar pursuit as banjoists trying to assimilate broad concepts and a diversity of styles."

Noam Pikelny
Jerry's Breakdown
Jerry's Breakdown
Sprung A Spring CD
Sprung A Spring
The Talking Rake CD
The Talking Rake
The Folks Who Live On The Hill CD
The Folks Who Live On The Hill

"Mickey's Reel/Auld Reel" from The Talking Rake CD release party

"Bob's Bucket/Simon Thoumires" from The Talking Rake CD release party

Ron Cody


Ron is writing a new regular column called "The Melodic Side of Things" for Banjo Newsletter. Check out this months tab for Sweet Sue at Banjo Newsletter Online!

Ron is in the process of playing, recording and producing a new bluegrass banjo album. The record includes Jesse Brock, Brittany Haas, Dominick Leslie, Mike Barnett, Alex Hargreaves, Grant Gordy, Lincoln Meyers, Roland White and more to come! Here you can listen to one of the early mixes:

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Jerry's Breakdown

Check out Ron's new recorded single "Jerry's Breakdown" which features Darol Anger, Rushad Eggleston, Bob Hamilton, and Wendy Cody! The proceeds from your purchase of the single on iTunes and CD baby will be donated to the American Lung Association in recognition of the composer the great Jerry Reed!

We just finished a new jazz album, Sprung A Spring, which features Darol Anger and Heather Masse. Ron Cody's new CD, Sprung A Spring is a wonderful excursion into the versatility of banjo's acoustical possibilities.

Ron's feeling and tone is string artistry at its finest and his treatment of jazz classics is supported by an array of exceptional musicians. Anyone interested in the inventive potential of five string banjo should definitely check it out.

Pat Cloud, jazz banjoist

Check out a new music video featuring "The Look of Love" from the album.

Gather poster

Ron will be with Lincon Meyers and Wendy Cody every Sunday at the Bluegrass Brunch at Gather Restaurant in Yarmouth Maine

Ron has been producing and helping arrange the Three Tall Pines new recording which includes Brittany Haas and Lauren Rioux. Ron also plays on a couple of the cuts including a cool version of "Raleigh and Spencer"

Ron recently recorded on "Learning To Smile" off Mike Block's new album Brick by Brick.

Check out Ron with The Gather Rounders online or on Facebook.

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